Do you want to improve your putting skills? Do you enjoy learning through useful gadgets and statistics?
Look no further than the Tap‘N‘Go… 

What is the Tap’N’Go?

The Tap‘N‘Go is a device that you wear on your wrist to help maximise your putting skills. Its sleek, minimalist design in keeping with other smart products, provides you with the necessary analytical feedback to give you the confidence to perform your best on the putting green.

TRAINING MODE – When using the Tap‘N‘Go in Training Mode the user will be able to see the data as they move around the course, allowing them to adjust their swing and develop their putting skills.

COURSE MODE – Tap‘N‘Go will allow users to get the data from their round of golf without creating a controversy as a play enhancer. The data will only be accessible once the player has clicked FINISH GAME.