Designed to help all levels of golfers, from grass route to professional, develop their skills in putting. There will also be many health benefits to the product, as it will provide a step count and calorie count for the duration worn.

Tap’N’Go has two modes of operation training mode and course mode. Course Mode can be used to gather data while competing without infringing rule 14-3 of the rule of golf.


When using the Tap‘N‘Go in Training Mode the user will be able to see the data when practice on the putting green, allowing them to adjust their stroke and develop their putting skills.


Tap‘N‘Go will allow users to get the data from their round of golf without breaching rule 14-3 of the rule of golf. The data will only be accessible once the player has clicked FINISH GAME.


Black, White, Red, Green Blue, Yellow

The Tap‘N‘Go watch will have a variety of colour options available. It will also have the option of having the centre of the clock face block coloured or it could have the Tap‘N‘Go logo engraved or embossed for more stylised options.

The device will come with a rechargeable battery which will either charge via USB or will charge wirelessly.

The battery will last around 20 hours at a time.

A further feature of this product at the end of the game is as a security product Tap’N’Secure, this will monitor your set of clubs in order to prevent theft.

Additional Tap’N’Secure tags can be added for protecting the golfers possessions.


This device can be used by everyone – gender friendly and age friendly. It is an easy to use gadget for anyone wanting to progress with their putting ability. It also allows you to track your step count and calorie count throughout the time it is worn, making it appealing to those who are conscious about their health and wellbeing.